Residential Rental Registration Program

Program Goals

A key part of the city’s mission statement is to retain existing property values. The Residential Rental Registration Program is an important component of that goal.

By implementing this program, the city is able to help property owners and tenants identify problems that may occur to rental units. The city’s intent is to assist owners and tenants to recognize potential problems at the earliest possible stage, making the cost of repairs less than if the problem were to go undetected for an extended period of time.


Owners of rental properties are required to register their properties with the city and to annually renew that permit.

Permits should be displayed on the cabinet door under the kitchen sink or another kitchen cabinet if there is no cabinet under the sink.

Where to Register

Certain permit applications, payments, and status updates are also available 24-7 using the city’s online permit system, Citizen Self Service (CSS).

Contact Us

For general permit and inspection questions or to speak with staff, please contact the Permits & Inspections Division at or by calling (281) 403-8600 during hours of operation.